Results – Week Ending 25th November 2018


Saturday 17th November – Laguna Retirement Estate Mixed Medley

W: G Bible, M Lowe, L Axiak, J Smith.

R/up: E Coghlan, J Ingram, J Simmons, D Carrett.

Tuesday 20th November – Bendigo Bank 2 Bowl Triples

W: S Callaghan, S Boyce, P Mohr.   R/up: M Brown, C Blake, S Mould.

Wednesday 21st November – Laguna Estate Mens Bowls.

W:  J Dibble, L Pateman.  R/up: P Baker, M Lloyd.

Thursday 22nd November – TNBC Jackpot Pairs.

W: S Bowie, L Axiak.  R/up: D Coulter, P Sweeney.

Friday 23rd November – Open Friendly Bowls

W: R McKenzie, G Bond, A Campbell.

R/up: Rick, Ian McCallum.

Saturday 24th November –  Gympie Races.

Once more a busload of patrons did the annual trip to Gympie Races.

It was another great day by all reports but no results on who came home winners and who came home lucky to still have the shirt on their backs. lol