Results: Week Ending 22nd October 2018


Tuesday 16th October – Bendigo Bank 2 Bowl Triples.

W: T Parker, V Smith, V Vignon. R/up: S Gray, B Noe, J Emery.

Wednesday 17th October. Laguna Estate Mens Pairs.

W: K Donoghue, D Burgess. R/up: B Williamson, P Rieck.

Thursday 18th October

Ivory Palms Jackpot Pairs.

W: G Doreen, A Doreen. R/up: J Boyle, G MacDonald.

Jackpot: J Boyle, G MacDonald.

Night Pennant Round 3.

Tewantin 4/99 def Coolum Beach 1/70 – played at Tewantin.

Saturday 20th October – Landscape Garden Supplies Jackpot Pairs.

W: S Chandler, R Evans. R/Up: W Pendergast, D Reed.

Monday 22ND October – Lendlease Social Bowls Day.

1st – U Ford, P McCanna, B Ford (3 games +26).

2nd – B Barnes, H Hutchinson, B West (3 games +24)

3rd – M Marsh, V Lester, M Richards ( 3 games +20)

4th – D Selkirk, D Moore, R Moore ( 2.5 games + 16)

5th – T Allsop, Tom Allsop, Y Ambrey ( 2 games + 26)

1st Round winners – F Hewson, R Hewson, S Mould +12.

2nd Round winners – M Lester, S Muller, S Frasier +15

3rd Round winners – K Clegg, J McNeil, M McNeil +13